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Okay, I know I should be using web security DB, but it actually behooves my solution to use access privileges. One of my clients has chosen to run unlimited, not through server, but as the host of the file for a couple FMP clients and all the web usage.

It seems to be that when users of a restricted password log-on online, they jam the unlimited copy of the DB to restricted settings, and at times, when another user tries to log-on, in fact they will get the message that the DB is not open. Any idea why?



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this would happen at the time if user_1 is in the Laout Mode and making changes then pooor user_2 comming thought the Web would get the msg u mentioned!

another possiblity is that THAT DB is not shared on web companion....

hope it helps

ooops: nvm I just saw your post dated 08/22/02 01:12 PM //////

but maybe someone else can benifit from the post...

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You need to use both.

Set Web Companion to use the Web Security databases and set up each web user with a username and password.

For the FMP client users, set each database up with access privilege passwords. The web users will not see these passwords because Web Companion uses the usernames and passwords in the Web Security databases.

On your server, make sure that the databases are opened with a password that allows at least browse and export privileges. WC needs export to function at a minimum.

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This topic is 6339 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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