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Sorting value lists based on values from a field

Trike Mike

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I've created a value list of discount types based on a table of discount types.  I have a specific order in which I'd like these sorted in a drop down list.  Is there a way of sorting these besides the order in which the records were created?

(Sorry, this shouldn't have gone into Portals.  I don't see how to delete it)

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16 minutes ago, Trike Mike said:

Is there a way of sorting these besides the order in which the records were created?

A value list based on a field is always sorted in alphabetical order, not in creation order. There are methods to force your own order, but they are not trivial. Are you sure you cannot use a value list based on custom values (IOW, are there any other fields in the discount types table)?

If not, how many values do you expect to have at most? And do you need the drop-down list to show anything else besides the name of the type?


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Knowing it is strictly alphabetical tells me the trick for making it do what I want.  Prefacing the values with "." or "," will sneak things around the list subtly enough.

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I cannot imagine what in my post could possibly justify such response. 

Just in case I wasn't entirely clear:
This is a public forum, and I do feel I have an obligation - if not to you, then to other, less experienced members who might be reading this -  to point out that your proposed solution is not a good one. Users should not to have see this:


when they can just as easily be presented with this:


I thought it sufficient to state my objection in a short and good-humored statement, instead of hitting you over the head with it. But I guess I was wrong about that. 

Now, if you have anything pertinent to add on the subject of sorting a value list (other than "my method is good enough for me") I am eager to hear it. Otherwise if you find something inappropriate in my response, please flag it for moderators attention instead of starting a flame war.


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I don't think I'm asking too much to request that you stop replying to my questions.  It is sad that you rub me to wrong way, but you do.  Please stop commenting on this thread, and please do not grace my further questions with replies.

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@Trike Mike  This site is provided to assist people who ask questions about FileMaker, by volunteers who freely provide guidance and assistance to help everyone who reads the threads not just the person asking the question.

@comment is a well-known humble purveyor of knowledge and advice. I have directly benefited from such counsel, setting aside my own stubborn notions of which path I should trek down for some technique or process. I learned the hard way too many times that I pay attention to what is posted and file it away for when I may need to apply this or that in the future. The fact that @comment has the most posts on this site should say something of character. - I don't have as many posts.

Nothing that @comment posted warranted any such reply.  I kindly urge you to read our Guidelines and our Terms of Service and refrain from these remarks in the future. 

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