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Using the cdml tools & cdml references


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Hi Garry, Hi other helpfull people, laugh.gif" border="0

I downloaded the cdml kit and openned it in the FM unlimited web folder. The cdml reference and tools seem to be fm files at first but would not open with FM 5 or 5.5 so i oppened them with notepad. It seemed like some kind of code but it was really messy, messy.

I came to the point were I was thinking about the process and three things were in my mind, the fm server, the fm unlimited, and the ISP. NOW the big question is how?? Like Kulmansan stated "I thouhgt some how I was going to run the database from my computer" using FM unlimited. I am thinking the same.

Things I know: cool.gif" border="0

1. I am running unlimited in a win2k, using web companion I can view the DB over the internet, port 80, I have a static IP

2. I have a site hosted by an ISP with static pages.

3. I can design my pages using a web design software and cdml codes. Dream weaver

4. I want to make the link from the users browsing and inputting data through a browser to the final stop, a record in an FM file.

things that are still playing my gray cells: crazy.gif" border="0

1. How do I use/apply the cdml tool and references

2. do I need a FM server 5.5 to do the job

3. how does the fm server, ISP, and the fm unlimited relate as a working mechanism. mad.gif" border="0

Thanks in advance for all the help! this forum is great!

Jaime Law

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Hi Garry,

I could finally use the cdml tool. Although with some trouble in the final steps. The browswer displayed all the info, but when submitting an error message pops out, "The format file "path-to-file/newreply.htm" could not be found.", mad.gif" border="0 in which newreply.htm is my response page after submitting the record. I am a novice in programming. Probably I am missing something very abvious here.



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"path-to-file" is the path to the cdml/format file "newreply.htm". If the file "newreply.htm" is at the first level in the "Web" directory then just name the file, as no path is needed.

I tried to use the "CDML Tool" once when I started to learn CDML. However, I found that just writing the format files from some samples was much easier.

Just try some of the CDML in the topic thread called "Does any one have html code file I could use for FMP5". Maybe create a simple database with firstname, lastname and address as the fields.

Once you get started you will pickup the rest quickly.

All the best.


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The CDML Reference and CDML Tool should be just database files. I have never tried to use them on Win2k, however I don't see any reason why they would not open (corrupted?). I only use CDML Reference, this is as a lookup for tags, functions, etc.

Having FMUnlimited and a static IP will be fine. You really only need FM Server if your LAN server-client setup is significant. If you are using FMServer as the host you open the database with FMUnlim via the "hosts" button.

The home page at the ISP can be your starting point. It can use URLs or <forms> to access the database. The pages being served by the database are located in the "Web" folder of the FMUnlim program folder.

Hope this helps.


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This topic is 7440 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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