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Creating an E-mail Archive


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I have an urgent need to create a searchable e-mail archive for one of the very active discussion lists I manage. I own FMP 5.0 Unlimited and would like to set it up to automatically add new messages posted to the list. The archive will include about 90,000 messages to start, growing at about 100 messages a day (can FMP handle that okay?). It also needs to run on a Mac (currently a 7600 running OS 8.1, but I assume I'll have to upgrade the OS to at least 8.6 or even 9.2, not a problem).

I know all the basics about building an FMP database, but am not an expert at putting it on the Web. Especially, how do I get the new messages into the database on an automated basis? Can this be done with FMP alone? Is FMP even the right product for this?

For the last three years I have been using WS4D/Email-Search to accomplish this (from Michael Ginsberg, mdg.com), but he seems to have disappeared, the application began repeatedly crashing a couple of days ago, and I'm desparate to find another solution and move on. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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It is not that difficult to write discussion forum in FM. But it is not an easy task for beginner.

Someone from this forum designed his FM Unlimited driven forum like this one. I believe it was someone from UK.

Obviously I have mine as well, but it is in Czech language.

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This topic is 7436 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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