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Novice user...can I do this?

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I am a graduate student and the professor I am working for had me create a database and publish it on the internet. After many hours, I finally figured it out. Now this is what he wants me to to. On his website, he had a form/survey that people can fill out online. He wants to know if once that form is filled out and it is submitted, if that information can feed directly into a filemaker database created for that survey? Right now, he has the information feeding directly into his email. So...is there a way to feed that info. directly into filemaker and how do I do this? Thanks!!


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You fail to say if the database which you have published is via Instant or Custom Web Publishing. What you propose sounds quite possible. You will find more control if you use Custom Web Publishing. These Internet forums are a good place to start reading. No matter what approach you take, you will need to encounter one or more learning curves, all of which will take some time.

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If you are asking about information on how to use Instant, there is not much. On the Internet forum I have seen one useful post on Instant. Otherwise the answer is that Instant is wysiwyg and you cannot expect much control.

If you are asking about Custom, there are many resources available, including my own newly established site: http://www.simplifyfm.com:591/

These Internet forums are also a great source of already solved issues as well as current and ongoing issues.

Just realize that whatever way you go there will be learning curves as well as frustration. Good luck to you.

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Some information exists on CDML from the Filemaker site:


Essentially, the web-form is submitted directly to FMP. The names of the <input> fields in the form will match the names of the FM database fields.

Also, you will find some 'getting started' info on these forums, look for 'Web Companion'. Someone may have a couple of specific links.

All the best.


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This topic is 8093 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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