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FMP 5.0 & Web Server Connector


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Getting info on this is like getting blood out of a stone...

What is filemaker web server connector? Where can I get it from? Does it work with FMP 5.0 ul? Does it come with FMP 5.0

I need to publish a website (written with CDML & HTML) via Microsoft IIS, on a PC.

I understand that web server connector will do this. Can someone give me some pointers please?

Filemaker seem reluctant to give out any info other than stuff about FMP 5.5

Thanks for any help


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The web server connector comes with FM 5.5 Unlimited. Does not come with FM Client.

As to what it is, here is an extract from the admin guide in unlimited.


The built-in Web Companion in FileMaker Pro 5.5 Unlimited acts as

a CGI (Common Gateway Interface) application and as a web server

by handling browser interactions with FileMaker Pro databases and

serving by web pages and image files to the web browser.

You can extend this functionality by using the FileMaker Web Server

Connector included with FileMaker Pro 5.5 Unlimited. Use the Web

Server Connector with any of the following supported web servers:

1 Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0

1 Apache 1.3.19 bundled with Mac OS X Server

1 Apache 1.3.19 bundled with Red Hat Linux 7.1 i386

About the Web Server Connector

The FileMaker Web Server Connector is a Java servlet that relays

FileMaker CGI requests for XML, CDML, and other dynamic content

from your web server to one or more computers running

FileMaker Pro Unlimited. This allows you to keep your database files

separate from your static HTML pages, images, and other nondatabase

files. It also prevents the web browser from making

unnecessary requests to FileMaker Pro Unlimited.

More importantly, the Web Server Connector allows you to use a

RAIC (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Computers) with multiple

copies of FileMaker Pro Unlimited so that more web users can access

your databases at a time.

With the Web Server Connector, you can:

1 take advantage of other plug-ins and features of your web server,

including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection and server-side


1 configure a RAIC to increase throughput and reliability.

1 store static elements such as image files on the web server, and

bypass the FileMaker Pro Web Companion for pages that do not

need to interact with the database.

hope this helps

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Both FleMAker Pro 5 Unlimited and FIleMAker Pro 5.5 Unlimited come with a Web Server Connector appropriate for the respective version.

The WSC rests on the web server CPU running (for 5.5) Apache on OS X Server or IIS on W2K server. The 5.0 version runs on these and a few older web servers as well.

The WSC controls the access by the web server to a RAIC (Rendundant Array of Inexpensive Computers) each running FileMAker Pro 5 Unlimited or FIleMAker Pro 5.5 Unlimited. This provides for load balancing, fault tolerance, and SSL support if the web server supports the feature.

As a general rule the files are on a FIleMAker Server CPU, and each machine in the RAIC addresses the files as a guest.

There is a graphic of this on the new FMI web site I believe.


Old Advance Man

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A few additional tibits, Neale.

FMP5.5 unlimited and its version of the web server connector do not support webstar V (a server), or it may be vice versa. In any case, if you are a webstar user the combination of FMP5.0 unlimited and webstar 4.x is a fairly stable arrangement.

I have webstar running on one machine/IP and FMP5.0 unlim running on another machine/IP. For greatly enhancd security I run a little mac program called IPNetSentry on both machines. This program essentially filters/logs requests made to TCP/IP. I use it on the FMP machine to block all requests other than those coming from my own webstar server via the webserver connector. I use it on the web server machine to block filemaker hacks, and code red and Nimda worms (see the security loophole threads here and in the web companion forum).

The web server connector is really easy to use. It is set/controlled using an internet browser. When you access it and specify your FMP machine's IP, it lists all the data bases that are running (with web companion on) and allows you to specify which ones you wich to make available via your server.

The most vexing thing I faced getting started was properly specifying the format file location and path. All format files must reside in the "Web" folder in the FMP5.x folder on the FMP machine. To kep things simple I keep dupicate copies of the WEB folder on both the server and FMP machines. The web folder on th FMP machine is regarded as the root folder, and all the paths to format files look like this...

-Format = "/folderinweb/folderinfolderinweb/yourformatfile.html"

Good luck

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This topic is 8091 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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