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Masking some fields

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I use a layout that contains either my sale price and my purchased price.

I would like to mask the purchased price because some clients (impressed by FM Database?) are constantly looking to my computer and layout while I register their orders... tongue.gif

I actually masked the field with a colored badge that I put on the field itself, so that I must click in the field to have access to the datas.

But even when I click in any part of the layout, or while executing a script, the badge disappears. crazy.gif

The solution I found so far is to use a color for the text that makes it difficult for someone to read...even for me ! frown.gif

Is there another solution ?

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if you turn off allow entry into the field from field format, then place a copy of the field directly on top of that one, and make the text color the same as that of the background.

Now, write a simple one line script that is

Go to field [purchased price]

and on the purchase price field specify it as a button and use this script.

So, because the field has allow entry turned off, it will not show when you click on the layout or in a field. but, you can click it to edit it.

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You could also use a separate layout.

Personally, as someone who has worked as a purchaser, I would be frustrated if I always had to click a button to see my all-important cost field.

In my company, we used to have an admin layout and a regular layout for the product database. The admin layout was mostly for purchasers, and the regular layout was mostly for sales people... not showing things they don't need to know (or don't want customers to see).

BTW I know the feeling when customers walk behind you to look at your screen (even when it's clearly an "employees only" area), I can't stand it!


Jason Wood


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This topic is 7864 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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