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Need Web Security Tutorial


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Hi folks,

I've searched this forum high and low, and Google, etc. Now, unless I'm completely missing something, I've yet to find a single basic tutorial for how to use the "Web Security Database". FileMaker 6 has terrible documentation from this perspective, everything presumes you know the intricacies of the system. Well, I don't, I'm new, and I like FileMaker because most of it's easy and quick to understand.

All I'm trying to do is use Instant Web Publishing but I need to give different Web-based users different levels of access. Most to just search the records, but a couple need to create/edit/delete.

I have been able to set the web interface to allow only searching (although one would think that the "Search Only" Layout is a little misleading seeing as it still allows editing unless Access Privileges->Passwords has been touched) but I don't understand how to give OTHER Web-based users different privileges.

If anyone has a basic tutorial, or can offer some general help as to what the "Web Security Database" actually does, and how to use it, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Thanks all,


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This topic is 7813 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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