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help with e-mail

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I am a newbie. I am having trouble trying to run a script. If done correctly it will open e-mail on the client side and automatincally send email. It works on the database side now but not with the web page. I have tried using the CDML code below but it doesn't work.

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="-Script" value="Send FO">

Is there something else I should be adding?

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I reckon thats not the only code you use right? I assume you have a field in it for the address aswell... anyway...what that does is tell FM (on your side) that it should execute the script named 'Send Fo' (no spaces is always better I was told). Your script must fill out the fields the mailer needs to send emails (like adresses). If those are not entered the mail will not be executed.

I don't use the mailscript since I use mondomail with a little applescript to send custom emails (and LOTS of them). Mondo runs in the background and excecutes mail right away, leaving FM at full strength and without using any mailclient. If you are interested in using such a structure I'd be happy to send the DB's with the scripts to you, so you can customize it yourself. MondoMail is a free app, I'll include it if you want it.

Hope it made sence,


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Why not? Instead of running FM script from web page use the direct approach.


What it does

Specifies the email address of the person who is sending the message.

Value is An email address.

Syntax example(s)

Send mail using a form action

<form action="FMPro" method="post">

<input type="hidden" name="-DB" value="contacts.fp5">

<input type="hidden" name="-Format" value="displaypage.html">

<input type="text" name="-MailTo" value="[email protected]">

<input type="text" name="-MailCC" value="[email protected]">

<input type="text" name="-MailBCC" value="[email protected]">

<input type="text" name="-MailFrom" value="[email protected]">

<input type="text" name="-MailSub" value="The Subject">

<input type="hidden" name="-MailHost" value="SMTP.Company.COM">

<input type="hidden" name="-MailFormat" value="mail.txt">

<input type="submit" name="-View" value="Send Message">


Other tags that are required

-DB, -MailTo, -MailSub, -MailHost, -MailFormat, any action tag

See also

-MailCC, -MailBCC

Copyright FileMaker Inc.

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I must admid I've been looking at that tag for some time now but I'm not sure if I want to rewrite code for it: The external script gives me - IMHO - more freedom and flexibility since I can run batches of scripts using multiple information on the fly without mergin and exporting. My site sends the original record creator a 'thank you' message and all others that are concerend to thar specific record a msg telling them theres a new one. Also, I can swap messagecontent by just pasting a msgcode from a related db wich contains the appropiate subjects, text, layout etc. So I need the flexibility to customise a 'bulk' email.

Never the less, I will look into it and see if there are any advantages to the FM tag and sending an Apple event.



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This topic is 7820 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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