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Web Connector not working / files missing from install

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I'm able to install Web Connector but am not able to access the admin page or otherwise use the software.

I am trying install onto an NT4 SP5 server with IIS.

The installer starts and completes with no problems but after rebooting and trying to open the localhost/FMPro?Config page I get a 404 File Not Found error.

Checking the list of files on page 17 of the Users Guide against what is actually installed shows several missing files. They are:


In c:program filesfilemakerfilemaker wsc-5-IISjrebin




In c:Inetpubscripts



In c:program filesfilemakerfilemaker wsc-5-IISlib

All four files are missing. The directory is empty


java.security is not located in

c:program filesfilemakerfilemaker wsc-5-IISjrebinsecurity

as listed in the book but in

c:program filesfilemakerfilemaker wsc-5-IISjrelibsecurity


The jrebinlib directory is not as listed in the book but is instead in the root of jre at c:program filesfilemakerfilemaker wsc-5-IISjrelib

and the following files are missing:





Apologies for the long message but hopefully too much information is better than not enough.

Any help appreciated,



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I just tried installing the Web Server Connector last night on an AppleshareIP server and ran into the same problems. I plan on calling FileMaker today to see what gives. I followed all the instructions to the T and nothing worked. I also searched the web and FileMaker for supporting information but was unsuccessful. I will write back later with results from the conversation.

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I too just installed Unlimited with WSC on a Mac with Webstar 4.0. It seems that Webstar doesn't recognize the WSC servlet or it's not available or something.

From checking the instructions, it's in the right folder-as per the instructions, I moved the "WebStar Java Servlet Runner" from the WebStar plug-ins folder and replaced it with "FMWSC". I have gone down the list to see if any files were not installed as the install seemed very quick and simple and everything seems to be correct.

Here's the message I get when I try and run the WSC Admin application in the Webstar root folder:


ServletExec Failed to Create Thread

Error. Request failed because ServletExec failed to create a thread.


Any help is appreciated, this is a new area for me.

I'll wait for Mikuta's answer (or anyone else's) before wasting my one precious call to Filemaker.

Thanks for any help. Rick

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I was also agonizing over whether or not to use up my precious support call but after reading the card realized that installation support is unlimited and they won't (shouldn't) count them against you.

So I called and the support person had not personally heard of that problem so he put me on hold and called the engineers. After he came back he had a set of steps that had worked for the one other person that had called with this problem so he walked me through them and stayed on the phone with me the entire time (which I really appreciated).

1) uninstall Web Connector (NT users be sure to read the instructions on how to do this).

2) Do a cold boot (shut down the machine, power it off and then restart)

3) Install the Web Connector

4) Do another cold boot

5) Inexplicably it works. I have no idea why cold boots would have made a difference over warm boots but it worked.

I did not get a reply as to why the files shown in the instructions were not installed in the same place on my machine but at least I am able to to access the LocalHost/FMPro?config page.

My next problem is figuring out the right CDML to use with pages accessing DBs located on another machine because up until now of course both the -db and the -format have been on the same machine. I'll write a more detailed message in a few days.


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This topic is 8046 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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