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After some time (seems time is random) Filemaker will generate an error of "Database Not Open" when users try to connect to the web front-end I have created (when, in fact, when I look at the console, FMP is maximized and running-all DBs ARE open, I can perform things on the open DBs from within FMP itself). I'm running Filemaker 5.0V3 (unl) and web connector 5.0V6 under Win2kpro.

Has anyone seen this before? Once any user gets this error, the web front-end is useless (for everyone) until I restart Filemaker. This is a major concern! Please Help smile.gif

Addition: It appears that whenevr this happens this appears in the web connector error log: [28/Dec/2000:15:58:28 -0500] HTTP session disconnected.

Any ideas?

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I ran into this same problem.

Are you trying to connect to the FM DB throug ODBC? If so you will need to change your ODBC DNS such that 0 (zero) file will remain open. I have not found anyway to use this "feature" correctly. No matter what I do when I try to connect to FM DB through ODBC and I have the Files Open > 0 then I get a notice that it could not open the FM DB.




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I've had similar experiences and was able to trace them to opeing and closing scripts that users were initiating when hosting on, and the databases were then reopened with different access privileges (thus disallowing no password access for web viewers). We modified the scripts and the problem went away.

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This topic is 6705 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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