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transfering layouts


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Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I have the same database duplicated in 6 schools. Each school enters their own student info. They also customize a few of the layouts in each school. When I create a new layout in one building, I need to get that same layout to the other buildings. Is there a way to "export" the layout and "import" it to another database. If not, the only thing I can do now is to recreate the layout 5 more times.



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Obviously you can copy the fields, graphics and text from one database to the other if all the information for fields and relationships are in each database.

But there is no import layout option so unfortunately you cannot export a layout, thus keeping the part sizes, colours, fields, graphics text etc..

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Not entirely correct, at least not on the Mac platform. On the Mac you can go to layout mode, select all the objects on a layout (make sure all are unlocked) and drag them to the desktop. If drag and drop is enabled, this will create a clipping file which can then be transferred to the other machines. Note that this will not setup or size the layout parts required, you must set those up manually. After doing so, drag the clipping file back off the desktop to the layout. This will bring in all the layout objects (including fields).


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If you can get the databases open on the same desktop machine either locally or across a network then you can also drag and drop the layouts from one database to the other in Layout mode.

Just select any elements you require from one database and drag and drop them onto a layout in the other.

Beware that any fields, relationships or scripts that the original layout references should be in both databases before transferring layouts.

So if you have modified the original file,

a) create the new fields in the other files,

: then create the relationships,

c) then import the scripts from the original into the other files

d) - then finally drag your layouts over.

If you need to re-assign the buttons of the scripts you have imported, it will probably be because the imported scripts do not share the same position in the script list as the oringinal scripts.

Good luck

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This topic is 7378 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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