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automatic export script

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I am trying to create a script that will automatically export all records (and all fields) from a filemaker pro file (client.fp5) to a separate filemaker pro file (called Master.fp5) within the same directory. I would like the script to append and not overwrite any previously existing records on Master.fp5. I have found the "Export records" script command and have set it to preform without dialog but the script fails because it says there were no fields selected for export and of course if I leave the dialog in and select the fields by hand (which is something I can't do for this script) any previous values in Master.fp5 are overwritten.

If anyone has an idea how to create this script, please help. Thank you.

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When you export to a file with the same name as an existing file, it doesn't overwrite the values in the existing file, it overwrites the file itself! What you'll need to do is create the Master file ahead of time, and in it create an Import script. Using Import, you can append data.

You will need to first perform the Import, selecting the fields you want from your client file. Then, when you create the script, it will automatically retain your choices. Be sure to check the "Perform without dialog" checkbox.

Now, in your Client file, your script would look like this:

Show All Records

Perform Script (External, Master)

...and you'd select the Import script you just created in the Master file.

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Hi Cosmo,

There is no way native to FileMaker to perform a script automatically.

There are a couple of plugins available that can (I believe) do this. I don't use plugins, so sorry I can't give you specifics.

I think you really need to set up a Import script in your Master.fp5 file rather than an export script in Client.fp5. You have to perform your import script manually first, and then create the script. As part of your import script you can use an external script in your Client.fp5 file to set it up for first.



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