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Complex Find?

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I need to find a way to find a set of records that are 'Unpaid'. I have managed to do this by finding 'Paid' and selecting the omit Checkmark. I then add a new request and enter different information to narrow the search further.

This is fine, but how do I apply the same method to a script step??

Especially if the last find criteria is defined by the user.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Try this:

Set up a find request by going to Find, select Paid and Omit like you usually do. Then go into your script...

- Enter Find Mode (check 'Restore find requests' and uncheck 'Pause')

- New Record/Request

- Go to Field ? (? = whichever field you normally go to to refine your search. If it varies, leave this step out)

- Pause/Resume Script [](don't Specify anything)

- Perform Find [](uncheck 'Restore find requests)

This will make the script pause to enter whatever you like before you click 'Continue' to resume. You might want to include a 'Show Message' item before the the Pause/Resume script to remind you, or explain to other users, why the script has paused.

Good luck!

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You can actually explicitly specify omit in a script. The script would look like.

Allow User Abort (off)

Set Error Capture (on)

Toggle Status Area (show)

Enter Find Mode ()

Set Field (Customer, "Acme Company")

New Record/Request/Page

Set Field (Status, "Paid")

Omit Record

Perform Find()

I don't like stored finds, because you can't read the find criteria when you look at the script in ScriptMaker. The trick is that the "Omit Record" script step will check the omit box IF AND ONLY IF the status bar is shown.


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