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Token Question

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HTML code for Sellers02.html


<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.0" VALUE= [FMP-Field: zip]> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.1" VALUE= [FMP-Field: address]> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.2" VALUE= [FMP-Field: password]> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.3" VALUE= [FMP-Field: namefirst]> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.4" VALUE= [FMP-Field: namelast]> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.5" VALUE= [FMP-CurrentToken:5]> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.6" VALUE= [FMP-CurrentToken:6]> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.7" VALUE= [FMP-CurrentToken:7]> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.8" VALUE= [FMP-CurrentRecID]> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.9" VALUE= [FMP-CurrentToken:9]> <br>

FMP-CurrentToken - - [FMP-CurrentToken] - - -[FMP-Field: zip]<br>

FMP-CurrentToken:0 - [FMP-CurrentToken:0] - [FMP-Field: zip]<br>

FMP-CurrentToken:1 - [FMP-CurrentToken:1] - [FMP-Field: address]<br>

FMP-CurrentToken:2 - [FMP-CurrentToken:2] - [FMP-Field: password]<br>

FMP-CurrentToken:3 - [FMP-CurrentToken:3] - [FMP-Field: namefirst]<br>

FMP-CurrentToken:4 - [FMP-CurrentToken:4] - [FMP-Field: namelast]<br>

FMP-CurrentToken:5 - [FMP-CurrentToken:5]<br>

FMP-CurrentToken:6 - [FMP-CurrentToken:6]<br>

FMP-CurrentToken:7 - [FMP-CurrentToken:7]<br>

FMP-CurrentToken:8 - [FMP-CurrentToken:8] - [FMP-CurrentRecID] <br>

FMP-CurrentToken:9 - [FMP-CurrentToken:9]<br>


After submit on Sellers01.html

Resulting Display in Sellers02.html (Explorer 5.17 on Mac)


FMP-CurrentToken - - [FMP-field: - - -66666

FMP-CurrentToken:0 - [FMP-field: - 66666

FMP-CurrentToken:1 - [FMP-field: - Street Address

FMP-CurrentToken:2 - [FMP-field: - password

FMP-CurrentToken:3 - [FMP-field: - First Name

FMP-CurrentToken:4 - [FMP-field: - Last Name

FMP-CurrentToken:5 - testtoken5

FMP-CurrentToken:6 - [FMP-Field:

FMP-CurrentToken:7 - [FMP-CurrentToken:7]

FMP-CurrentToken:8 - [FMP-CurrentToken:8] - 46

FMP-CurrentToken:9 - TEST

Your E-Mail Address:[email protected]

Your Zip Code 66666

First: First Name

Last: Last Name

Street: Street Address

City: City

State: Click to Select

Daytime Phone:ddd dddd

Evening Phone:eee eeee


Resulting Source Code in Explorer 5.17 on Mac


<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.0" VALUE= 66666> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.1" VALUE= Street 666> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.2" VALUE= password> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.3" VALUE= First 666> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.4" VALUE= Last 666> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.5" VALUE= testtoken5> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.6" VALUE= [FMP-Field:> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.7" VALUE= [FMP-CurrentToken:7]> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.8" VALUE= 47> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME= "-Token.9" VALUE= TEST> <br>

FMP-CurrentToken - - [FMP-field: - - -66666<br>

FMP-CurrentToken:0 - [FMP-field: - 66666<br>

FMP-CurrentToken:1 - [FMP-field: - Street 666<br>

FMP-CurrentToken:2 - [FMP-field: - password<br>

FMP-CurrentToken:3 - [FMP-field: - First 666<br>

FMP-CurrentToken:4 - [FMP-field: - Last 666<br>

FMP-CurrentToken:5 - testtoken5<br>

FMP-CurrentToken:6 - [FMP-Field:<br>

FMP-CurrentToken:7 - [FMP-CurrentToken:7]<br>

FMP-CurrentToken:8 - [FMP-CurrentToken:8] - 47 <br>

FMP-CurrentToken:9 - TEST<br>


Your E-Mail Address:[email protected] <br>

Your Zip Code 66666<br>

First: First 666<br>

Last: Last 666<br>

Street: Street 666<br>

City: City 666<br>

State: Click to Select<br>

Daytime Phone:666 666<br>

Evening Phone:666 666<br>


In the middle display code, the [FMP-CurrentToken:0] (which has been set to [FMP-Field: zip])

is truncated and does NOT display the Zip - the numbers following are from the [FMP-Field: zip].

You will notice that [FMP-CurrentToken:8] is NOT truncated and displays the Record ID Number.

Is this normal and just not documented? Is there a solution (for debugging purposes)?

Is the code incorrect? Do you have to look at source code to view contents of a Token set to

a FMP-Field.

I have the CDML Tools, Reference, Templates, and the fmu55_admin_guide.pdf.

I have Langer's book, the FMPro 3, 4, and 5 Bibles.

Thank you for any suggestions.

David Anders

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Try adding quotes and removing the space after the "=" signs:

<input type="hidden" NAME="-Token.0" VALUE="[FMP-Field: zip]"> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME="-Token.1" VALUE="[FMP-Field: address]"> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME="-Token.2" VALUE="[FMP-Field: password]"> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME="-Token.3" VALUE="[FMP-Field: namefirst]"> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME="-Token.4" VALUE="[FMP-Field: namelast]"> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME="-Token.5" VALUE="[FMP-CurrentToken:5]"> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME="-Token.6" VALUE="[FMP-CurrentToken:6]"> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME="-Token.7" VALUE="[FMP-CurrentToken:7]"> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME="-Token.8" VALUE="[FMP-CurrentRecID]"> <br>

<input type="hidden" NAME="-Token.9" VALUE="[FMP-CurrentToken:9]"> <br>

Good Luck.


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This topic is 7498 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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