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I'm having trouble with a script (MyScript) that calls a Custom Dialog box to enter a date into a global date field in order to perform a search. If the date is not valid, a message is displayed and the user has a chance to cancel or try again.

I have made the "try again" part of this a script step to perform the same script from the start using an If statement based on Status(CurrentMessageChoice) and "Perform Script (MyScript)". There are other parts to the script which allow the user to try again if the found count is zero and I have used the same method to start again.

However if a string of invalid entries and/or zero record counts are dealt with by "starting again", the script seems to get to the end once a valid date is entered and records are found, but then seems to jump to where it left off and cycle through the script again, as many times as the try again button has been clicked.

Is there a way I can avoid going back through the script, or will I need to split the script into sub-scripts? I have put a Halt Script step at the end which seems to work but I'm not sure if this is a real fix - I'd rather get it right through the correct structure in the script if I can.

Thanks in advance, Murray

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This topic is 6585 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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