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how to host my db to the web

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hi there, now i want to try to host my db on the web. I create a simple db and set it web companion enable with IWP. I hosted in my pc and use other LAN pc to open it using ip address, it can work. But after that i try to access using other pc outsite the network, by internet, it can't work. I try out the ip address provide by isp and also the ip insite the pc. Both ip can run on intranet but when come to internet, it cannot run.

Just hope somebody can let me know how to host the db to web



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Hi Henry,

There could be a thousand answers to this one - it all depends on your network setup really.

You say that it is hosted from your PC and other networked PC's can connect to the DB, but you cannot connect from outside, so firstly, how are your PC's connecting to the internet - through a router perhaps? If so have you set your router settings to point to YOUR PC when someone makes a request on port 80 - that is if you are hosting on port 80! Do you have an external static IP address or a dynamic one?

Give us some information on the setup of the network and we may be able to solve it from there.



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Hi, Henry! The IP address you see for your computer may be an internal one set by your router (as EddyB said). This is common where you use a single IP for your entire LAN and your indivdual computers have IPs like 10.0.1.x but they are really going through an IP address altogether different. If you know what that 1 IP address is and the gateway IP it uses, you might be able to disconnect the router and hook your computer directly up to the internet using those settings. But EddyB's right.. it depends upon what you have. Give him more info and he can tell you how to point it to your PC. Good luck!


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This topic is 7472 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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