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Cdml file missing


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Hi, folks! Here's what comes in FMP6 standard client for Mac OS X folder...

> cdml_format_files

> Electronic Documentation

> FileMaker and Apple Events

> FileMaker Examples

> FileMaker Extensions

> FileMaker ODBC Drivers

FileMaker on the Web (web page)

FileMaker Pro

> FileMaker Tutorial


Installer Log File

Read Me.pdf

> Registration

> Web

> Web Security

The ">" items are folders.

As Garry mentions, your cdml filled web pages go in the "Web" folder. I believe the "cdml_format_files" came out w/FM6 and can also be used for cdml web pages if you want to hide your code or something, but I have not used this yet since we do not have FMP6 Unlimited and 5.5 did not have it. The CDML reference database and tools should be available from FileMaker, Inc. at (I think) http://www.filemaker.com/downloads


Oh, P.S. As Garry said there are no CDML examples but the FileMaker Examples folder has the following folders inside it...

> ODBC Example

> Tips from Technical Support

> XML Documentation

> XML Examples

FMForums has a SAMPLE FILES & OPEN SOURCE SOLUTIONS section in the FEATURE PRESENTATION forum that probably has stuff. I haven't seen them yet myself, but some folks are especially proud of their contributions there. I'm sure it's got great stuff.


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When I edited this post, all my <BR> vanished and I had 1 messy text clump shown. I edited a 2nd time and copy/pasted same exact text and continued without preview and it seemed to fix it. This problem has already been mentioned in FEEDBACK & SUPPORT but I thought I'd mention this workaround. If I remember, I'll post this workaround there, too.

Mac OS X using IE


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This topic is 6549 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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