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Access an URL variable


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Imagine I have this link on a page:


how can I show in the linked page something like this


on the afternoon we have:

record1,2,3,4.... (all the records go here)


I know how to show the records from the DB but not how to extract the variable time=afternoon which is an URL variable.

Does anyone knows? thanks in advance

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CDML is not capable of doing that. It is one of the many very disappointing aspects of CDML. You'll need regular middleware to achieve that functionality, such as PHP, Lasso, ASP, etc.

Using PHP, you would get the value from the following statement:

print $_REQUEST['TIME'];

This would output "Afternoon" to the browser.

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One method is to use the "[FMP-FindValueItem]" tag:

From the "CDML Reference" database

What it does

[FMP-FindFieldItem] is replaced with the field name that was part of the find request that created this page.

[FMP-FindFieldItem] must be placed between the [FMP-CurrentFind] and [/FMP-CurrentFind] tags.


[FMP-FindFieldItem: Encoding ]


First parameter (optional): Encoding. Use one of the following reserved words:

Raw - Don't perform any encoding

URL - Perform URL encoding

HTML - (default) Perform HTML encoding

Syntax example(s)

Return the current find criteria using an HTML file

Current find request is:<br>


Field: [FMP-FindFieldItem], Op: [FMP-FindOpItem] Value: [FMP-FindValueItem]<br>


<!-- After processing it could look like:

Current find request is:

Field: First Name, Op: begins with Value: Joe

Field: Last Name, Op: equals Value: Doe


Some other CDML options may exist, such as Tokens.

Good Luck.


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Well Mariano, if i'm not wrong [FMP-FindValueItem] does return ALL of your URL variables so it doesn't do the job as I only want to show one. Combining [FMP-FindValueItem] with javascript should do the work. I'll try it later. If it works I'll post it here

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This topic is 6551 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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