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De duplicating?

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Hi Harry,

This subject comes up from time to time, so a search for Duplicate, Duplicate Records, etc. would probably turn up a wealth of information.

Here are four FileMaker Technical Articles that may be of help to you:





Also, take a look at the File "Calculations and Scripts.fp5" that came with FileMaker, there is a script called "Finding Duplicate Records" that can be helpful.


CobaltSky (AKA Ray J. Cologon), has a site with many excellent example files, check out

"Finding only one of each record when there are duplicates!" his URL is:


AND here are a couple of other files that may be helpful.

Counting Duplicates Via Aggregate Functions By: Dwayne Wright URL:


Deleting Duplicates - 4 methods By: John Mark Osborne URL:



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FileMaker Version: v6.x

Platform: Mac OS 9

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This topic is 6502 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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