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Field grey if blank (inactive), or white (active)

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Hi there,

I see in another kind of Dbprogram, the possibility to do, a grey field if inactive, and white field if this field contain text or whatever.

Like if the field is not used or didn't have any data, keep gray.

When someone put some date on the field, the field are @on@, like white background and black text.

I try to find a way to make it work on a Database in filemaker 7 with 23500 average record, so i try to find a way to keep the Database keeping going quick.

I hope everythings is clear,



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I think this would be done by having for each field a calculated field that will show a white swatch when the source field has data.

For example:

datafield: Text

gWhiteSwatch: Global Container

-- note in layout mode, make a white triangle, copy it, go to browse mode and past in to gWhiteSwatch

datafield_ActiveOverlay: Calculation (container) = case(datafield?"", gWhiteSwatch)

Then place datafield_ActiveOverlay UNDERNEATH datafield and set the graphic options to Reduce/Enlarge and turn off maintain proportions.

Set the background of datafield to clear.

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A quadrilateral would work, too. wink.gif And, actually, all you need is a line. The graphic formatting stretches it to the desired rectangle size.

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This topic is 5904 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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