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Using stylesheets - URGENT HELP REQUIRED

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I've created a search page (for our publications database) which links to

a stylesheet but when viewed in the browser it doesn't display correctly.

When viewed in my html editor (Dreamweaver) all appears to be fine. The

stylesheet is in the same directory as the search.html page.

I also need to create the response.html and detail.html pages which need

to use the stylesheet, but they obviously reside in the cdml_format_files

folder of FileMaker Pro.

All three html pages mentioned above use CDML to display the database info via the web, and this works fine.

The stylesheet is needed so that the pages resemble the design of the

newly designed web site.

Is there anything obvious I'm missing, or is it the way FileMaker's


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Hi! Your format files resides outside Your root folder bur You can link it with a full URL. Try write this in Your format files.


<title>Document title</title>

<link rel="stylesheet" href="insert_your_full_URL_to_the_style_sheet" type="text/css">



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Use Dreamweaver's "Attach Style sheet" function to write the code in the above post. Open your html file in Dreamweaver, be sure the "styles" window is available, then, in Design or Split mode, click in the Design mode panel. Clck on the pulldown menu for styles and select "Attach Style Sheet...". The resulting dialog box lets you browse to find the stylesheet you choose.

One more thing..... be sure to UPLOAD the copy of the external stylesheet that you have attached. If you don't, the stylesheet is not seen by the files on the server because it is not there. While you are working on your local files (previewing, etc), your computer uses the local stylesheet as a reference. Stylesheets are not automatically uploaded when a file is "put" on the server. You must put the stylesheet file there yourself.

Hope this helps.


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This topic is 7112 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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