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Switching Portals with Rado Buttons


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Hello everyone...

I am not sure the best way todo this....so if what i describe does not sound like the coorect way please someone tell me...

What I would like to do:

I have a table named "Policies" is has about 50 fields...it is getting pretty cramped...So I would Like to make (or define) a field to become radio buttons named Program_1 and Program _2.

When you select Program_1 the portal with the correct fields will show up...when you select Program _2 those correct fields will show up..

Now here is the tricky part...I would like the portals to be overlaping one another...this was it will take up less space...also when the user selects the correct program he/she will only see the correct feilds for that program and inten only fillin what they need no more.

I hope this makes sense... Can anyone help me do this...

I was going to make tabs that go to different pages but there are so many fields that are used for program 1 and program 2 that if i wanted to make a simple change I would have to change 2 pages...a pain...So I guessed that a portal would be my best bet...

Thank you


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Joseph31 said:

Now here is the tricky part...I would like the portals to be overlaping one another...

Sorry, but that's definitivly not possible, not even with FM 7. You will have to place the two portals next to one another. Anyway, I think you don't need portals at all, because you have to show only one instance (or row) of every field. So you can display them through the same relationship, but directly on the layout.

Some further ideas:

1) If you only want to view the data: Set up 25 calculation fields, which display data depending on your radiobutton choice (c_field01 shows field01 or field 26, c_field02 shows field02 or field 27, and so on

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You really should seriously consider hiring a developer or tutor. You already got the answer to this question in the form of a demo file several weeks ago but now you're on the wrong track. You want to select a particular related record when you click the radio button, having the SAME fields but showing data from a different record.

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I plan to but...I have to get cash flow first...so I am tring to build a simple data base first so I can get some business plus I am learning what I really need and what I really do not need...The program is almost done just working on making it look better...Are you for hire?

thank tou for the help...

What I wanted to see if it was possible to do is use readio buttons to bring up different set of fields with labels...this way I could use less room on my table...

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Take a look to this thread and also download Andy Gaunt's dynamic portal at http://www.fusiondzine.com.

They both relies on GetField( ). Involving FieldNames(), you could store the fields to display in a repeating field.

As FieldNames() relies on Layouts, I'd second Bruce advice to switch you users to those layouts for inputs, but you may use the portal for display purpose.

How you'd use FieldNames() depends about your objective.

As you seem to be separating your fields in several choices, create 3, 4 or 5 layouts and add your fields there in the order you'd like them to appear.

Then, your readio buttons would just launch a script that populate the repeating field with new fields.

As you constantly request examples, here is attached a Multi-function Portal to dissect.

You'd note that as Portal colums are fixed, you would need to use fixed length columns, and move from fields to fields.

You may choose 10 fields even if only 4 colums are visible, then scroll as an Horizontal portal, which is another technique.



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This topic is 6443 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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