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I was wondering if it is possible to do the following. I would like the text colour in one field (a text field) to change to a different colour based on the selection from a drop down menu in another field. The colour it changes to needs to be different depending on the selection made in the drop down menu ie, in drop down menu selection made is "A" colour in text field changes to red, "B" colour changes to green. Can this be done? If yes, how? smile.gif

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If you are interested only in the 'display' of color and not actually changing the field contents, you can stack a calculation field.

Create a calculation (text, unstored). Enter something like:

Case(DropDownField = "B", TextField)

Take TextField and copy it. Change TextField to green text. Take the copy, double-click to bring up Specify Field and change it to the calculation you just created. Change its fill and pen patterns to transparent (right-click then select fill pattern. Select top-left square, repeat with Pen Pattern). Then change its font color to red. Right-click it again and select Field Format and unclick 'Allow Entry.'

Then select them both by either dragging around them or select both while holding down [shift]. Select Arrange > Set Alignment > Center-to-center. This way, they will match exactly in size, font size and placement. The calculation will stay on top (where it needs to be) because it was created after your original TextField.

When you change selections in the popup, the color of your TextField will change accordingly.

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This topic is 7215 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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