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Checkbox updating


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This is the problem.....

I have a features table which user can modify the names of the check boxes, on the other page that it updates correctly it composes of a products page which you can select the features it has using checkboxes again.

When I modify the names of the checkboxes in features, the names of the checkboxs on the products page changes, but if it is already checked, it will be unchecked, how could I get around this problem, by making the checked boxes update but without it being unckecked.

Please help me


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First, be aware of what is actually stored in a field when it is formatted as a checkbox field and you check one or more items. Say we have the value list: "dog", "cat", "hat", "rat". If you check "dog" and "cat", what is actually stored in the text field is:






depending upon the order in which the two items were checked. If you change the value list item from "cat" to "cats", the contents of the field won't change, but when displayed as a checkbox, the item "cats" won't be checked. If you are modifying the name of the item and expecting it to remain checked, it doesn't work that way.


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Thanks for your reply smile.gif

So this problem that I mentions does not have a way around it right? what other solutions to this problem might you suggest? or is this a product limitation?

The other problem is, that after the check boxes have been changed, another page displays the the checked information inside a field where I have made a calculation to show whats in the page that user can select a product feature (ProductFeatureLogos), when the boxes have changed this field does not refresh, but shows the new renamed checkbox label and the old one, is there a way in which I can refresh this, to show the new one without the old name?

Thanks again

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I would make users select the record with the original item and enter the modified item name into a global text field (gTextNew). Then create a relationship from the Item description field to the field formatted as a checkbox in the other file. Click an 'Update' button attached to a script of


Exit Record/Request

Exit Loop If [isEmpty(relationship::id)]

Set Field [relationship::checkbox, Leftwords( Substitute( "

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This topic is 7210 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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