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Loop Keeps stopping & FMP cannot be found etc

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I am trying to schedule a script and have 2 problems

- an answer to either one will solve my problem.

Loop Script - seems to stop after a certain number of

loops, sometimes it will last 100's of time and

sometime only a handful - it appears to be related to

activity on the PC or memory as it work perfectly all

weekend when nobody is in the office but at a peak

period lasts only 4 or 5 loops. It is a send mail

script with no "end loop if" option.

Filemaker Cannot Be found and is required to complete this

operation. THis si the other issue, when using a

"launch program" instead of a loop script to automate

the send mail option, it also works for a certain

time period then out of the blue will return an error

that say Filemaker could not be found, even though

filemaker is actually running and it found it the

previous time?? THs appears to fix itself when the

PC is restarted.

Both these issues happen on different PC i.e. they both happened on an older PC running NT and now on a new PC ruinning Win 2000.

Any reasons for this or work arounds you can suggest?



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Not sure what "launch program" you are referring to -- I won't be a whole lot of help on Windows-specific topics.

Post your Loop script and I'll see if anything looks out of place.

A couple of options I can think of:

- Set Error Capture On, then restart the loop when there is an error

- Use a FileMaker plugin like Activator or Events to control the timing

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This topic is 7209 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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