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FX and broken relationships

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I just caught a funny little glitch after an hour of pulling my hair out.

In my FM7 database I have a relationship with a global on the left and a number on the right. The global is always 1 and the number is either 0 or 1. Since globals can't be indexed the relationship appears as broken on the TOG, but as we all know, this doesn't matter for glabals -- they can be used as the LHS of a relationship and it still works.

Except that it doesn't work as far as FX is concerned. I have a portal based on this relationship. Looks fine on my FM layout, but FX always returns an empty result for this field in my browser window, as if there were no related records.

So I switched the global to an auto-entering number field that enters 1 at the record's creation. Now it can be indexed, and it works in FM and FX.

Has anyone else come across this?

Hope this helps.


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FMSA uses a different syntax to access Global fields:


This is perhaps causing a problem with FX accessing Global fields.

Good Luck.


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Howdy! Also, I think I remember a Knight/FMwebschool post about there being a FM7 version of FX now, too. Maybe they've made adjustments to fx.php to account for that.


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