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HELP...Cant get images to show with FMSA & Lasso

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OK, I am in the process of converting my CDML over to Lasso. I have most of it working, but I am having a HORRIBLE time getting images contained in FM fields to show. In particular, it is the related fields that are just not working.

It was simple in CDML:


Here is what I have tried in LDML:


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Let me be more specific, here is a simple example:

I use the following URL to get into the dtabase:



Then the .lasso page loads:

[inline: -Database='Respondents', -Table='web', 'Record_ID'=

(Action_Param: 'Record_ID'), -Add]

[Var: 'Bytes' = (Database_FMContainer: 'Research::logo')]

[Variable: 'Bytes']

A bunch of other LDML tags here!


The page loads fine. All the other LDML tags load fine. If I look at the loaded page source code, absolutely NOTHING shows up where information for in image should be.

The field Logo does exist in my FM layout. It is placed in a portal called Research. At this point I am confused. I have spent about an entire week trying to get this one single image to load.


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