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importing found sets

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In FMP6 if I imported from another file, it would import the current found set. How can I do that in FMP7?.

What I really need to do is this:

I have a job table and a line item table consisting of what we call Descriptors. Each descriptor has line items also. So the descriptors are pulled from a descriptor table which also has a line item table.

I need to create a Bill of Materials for the Job that consist of the line items in the Descriptor line item table. I want to store these in its own table called BOM. Does any of this make sense.

I was going to pull up the line items from the descriptors one at a time and import them into the BOM table but I can't import the set it take them all. If there is a better way to do this I am open and desperate. Or can I import the set somehow.

Thank you so much if you have read this far and any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Update to v3. It fixes the issue of importing a whole table instead of the found set.

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The file you're importing FROM has to be OPEN, perhaps even on the relevant table (haven't check this), with the found set.

FileMaker will import ALL records if the file is closed.

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