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Sendin' Email Help

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I am new to working in FM7 server with FX.PHP. I am used to Lasso so everything seems different. I am really having a hard time understanding and getting any code to work that would send an email out from a record in a database, with information from the database record embedded in the email.

I am currently editing a record, then bringing the edited record up for display. Once it is brought up for display I want the choice to send the person from that record an email with there edited information. I am having no problem passing the field information through variables, it is getting them from there into a sent email message that is not working for me.

If any one has a working FX.PHP code for this type of situation, I would really appreciate it.



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I don't use FX with FM, however I use php with FM.

To send an email with php you use the "mail()" function. You can construct the email with php. Here is the url to the reference on the php site:

php site

Good Luck.


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I have finally got a working code for this situation, if for some reason anybody would need it! jim

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