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portal not adding (relationship OK)


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I have a relationship set up (with appropriate "add records" ticked) where the user can type in a new record. Problem is - it won't let them.

I can delete a record, I can edit a record, it just won't let me add a new record (ERROR MSG: this action cannot be performed because the field is not modifiable). The field is a straight text field. confused.gif

I have checked the following:

Relationship - ticked to allow creation of records

Field - edit, allows modification, text (not calc)

table - on the actual layout with the table I can add a record.

Portal displays current records correctly so obviously the relationship works.

I've created these things a million times over so i'm befuddled as to why this one is being a pest.

Any ideas?

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if you are trying to alter the relationship right hand side field through a portal then it won't let you.

This field is automatically created as whatever the left hand side of the relationship is so that the relationship works between the parent and child.

There is no need to show this field in the portal because it is always guaranteed to be correct. The only field in the relationship that you can modify is the left hand side.

In FMP7 there is two sides to the relationship and both sides have an 'allow creation of records' - make sure you have the correct side ticked.

Unless I'm missing something, I'm sure it's a simple as something overlooked.

Does this help?

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If the field on the right-hand side of the relationship is a calc, you won't be able to create related records. You mentioned that the field you're entering into is text, but how about the field in the relationship? Is it a calc?

It's a fairly common mistake, and one that i make myself from time to time, but a moment's thought will show you why this is a no-no.



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In this case it sounds as if 'left-hand side' is according to your relationship graph view. It is still what we would call the 'right-hand side' (using pre-7 lingo) since it is the child table where the new related records are created. So, if the field you're trying to set in your left-hand table (based on the relationship graph) is a calc or the key field, the limitations apply.

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This topic is 6635 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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