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FMP 5.5 Clients not updating


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Using Server 5 and FMP 5.5 -

I'm running into issues where one client runs a script to update certain fields and that change may take quite some time to appear on other clients (haven't verified whether it is all clients or just some).

In particular, on printing an order I set certain fields to indicate an order has been printed. Errors are written to a log in a separate file just in case, for example, someone is editing an order and has the record locked. I also have a script that prints all 'unprinted' orders.

User A can print an order and the fields appear to be set correctly on that client (indicating the order was printed). User B prints all unprinted orders and the same order is printed again - on user B's machine those same fields appear to be empty so it is included in the found set.

It's not a problem with scripts running simultaneously, either - today it happened with over 1 hour between prints. I'm very confused by this, so any ideas would help...

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I'm not using globals - the fields in question are basic text, date, time fields (no calcs or lookups either).

How does one 'make sure' records are committed by User A? The Set Field step appears to work for User A - e.g. the fields display correctly on User A's screen, and if user A runs the 'print unprinted orders' script it operates correctly. Other clients don't seem to reflect that the fields were changed, sometimes for hours. Logging out and back in always updates the client with correct data.

Still confused...

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I'm wondering if it is possible for the client machine's TCP/IP connection to have something to do with this kind of data stalling. I doubt it, because it sounds as though the machine is accessing the server just fine. But something strange is going on here, for sure.


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This topic is 6634 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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