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FMserver Advanced on OS X server 10.3

Claus Lavendt

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I want to publish databases on the web and I'm using an OS X server 10.3.

I have installed the FMS+A on a OS X client and easily set that up, but when using the X server, I need to point to an index.htm file or such, as a starting point to connect to the web engine.

But what is the path, and what is the file ??

any clue ??

;-) Claus

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Howdy! I don't have FM7SA but if you're using Apache as the web server on MacOS X, the default Apache "root" directory is


Apache can be configured for various default pages, but most mac folks use "index.html". If you activate php, you can change the httpd.conf file to include index.php. I think "index.htm" is also on by default but I'm not sure, (transpower is probably right).

In standard MacOSX there are aliases to allow individual users to publish from their home directories (http://www.mydomain.tld/~username) but this is not included in OSX Server.

If you need to access Apache from the unix command line, it's at... /etc/httpd


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I don't think I understand your question..

if you enabled Apache web server AND FMSA engine in the same machine, the address to point to is


To publish you xslt files you must put them into /Library/FileMaker Server 7/Web Publishing/xslt-template-files/.

You can call'em via http with this sintax:


or any query you need, you can also use

http://yourhost/fmi/xsl/yousheet.xsl?-grammar=fmresultset&-process // this query bypass filemaker server generating an empty but valid XML document with fmresultset grammar.


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This topic is 6621 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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