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Count Status function

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I am trying to show on my database:

'number of current record (to change dependent on overall found in set)' of 'number of total found in current searched set' . For example, database contains 104 records and if i make a search, it finds 24 matching that criteria. I want to show on each record as '1' of '24', next record '2' of '24', '3' of '24' etc.

I am using 'Current recordnumber' and 'Currentfoundcount' to try and do this.

Problems so far are:

1. current record number always relates to a predefined record number. For example, it could be no 4 of 24 found, but shows as 75 (as this is where it stands within all of database)

2. current found count only initially works once I have defined the field and inserted within layout. It then just stays the same number and doesnt move?

Any help greatly appreciated. I am new to this function/script stuff, so if you are able to help, please could you write in as simple terms as possible.

From a struggling fm user! confused.gif

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I've implemented this before like this...

I have three calc fields, one stores the current record number, one the total found count and a third to format them nicely.

currentrecordnum = Get ( RecordNumber )

TotalRecordCount = Get ( FoundCount )

recordNumberIndicator = gc_CurrentRecordNumber & " of " & gc_TotalFoundCount

For each of the calc field, make sure not to store the results, recalculate as needed.

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Since the calcs have to be unstored, it's more efficient to combine the two individual calcs

Status(CurrentRecordNumber) & " of " & Status(CurrentFoundCount)

instead of referencing the two unstored calcs in a third one.

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This topic is 6625 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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