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Conditional Value List -- Setup


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Ok, I have looked at some of the questions / answers relating to this and they helped me but not all the way...

So This is what I need to do:

I have already Setup -- a table "Broker" that is linked to a main page [relationship] Mainid --> RelMainid.

On this broker page I can enter all of his information [address phone etc...]

There is a pull down list on the main page -- the list gets indexed from the "broker" page.

What I would like to do next is make a submenu pull down that will have only contact name that relate to the broker listed in the first pull down. This contract should have all of there own information like notes and email address.

How should I set this up --- should I put the subcontact info on the same page as the broker page or some where else.



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If you can create a relationship based on the data in the first value list, then you can use that relationship as the basis for a second value list, in a second field, which would be your "sub value list." For example, if you are relating to a contact list, and your first value list has all the types of contacts ("vendor", "subcontractor", "client" etc), AND there is a field in your contact list with that data, then you can make a relationship between the two fields, and make your next value list be (for example) the names of the related contacts.


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Ok, That ones my fault...

Let me re-explan

I already have a broker company pull down -- from another table

What I need is another pull down that will only show names from the first pull down.

All of the expamples require me to do everything over -- this will mean going back through 1000 records and selecting the broker compaines all over again.

Do my question was how do I make a 2nd pull down show only names that belong to the broker company of the first pull down.

Relationship already inplace

Main::Mainid --> Broker::RelMainid

Thank you


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This topic is 6618 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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