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First post: newsletter layout


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I am new to the forums, but not to FMPro, though It's been some time since I last touched it.

I edit weekly newsletter featuring articles written by others. I compile them and email the doc to a subscription list. For years, I've been running the articles through a text editor to clean them up then C&Ping the into a Word document where I use paragraph styles to format the headlines, bylines, endnotes, etc and to construct a table of contents.

The newsletter is in a three-column layout and each page includes a header and a footer (which are different on the first page). The styles I use are:

- Section Heading

- Title

- Byline info

- Lead-in text

- Body text

- Notes text

I auto-generate ToC from the first two levels of Paragraph Styles.

Word is slow, and I'd like to be able to more easily interact with past issues. A database would be perfect, but I can't figure out how to re-create the sort of layout I'm using now in FMPro.

Any tips? Anyone want to do it for me? wink.gif

PS: I use Mac OS X.

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Well, I thought I explained why I didn't want to use a desktop publishing application.

I teach Journalism; I am a master with Adobe InDesign. But I want to be able to archive issues, tabulate statistics about articles, etc. I am sorry if I didn't make this clear in the original post, but I know that I want a database. I can build the database myself; that's easy. The difficult part is the layout.

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Filemaker can be used to manage your data very well, but it has limitations when it comes to producing word processor style output. There have been a number of recent discussions about using Filemaker to handle the data, and then using its exporting features to send to MS Word etc. Have a look in the Importing & Exporting Forum. Here are a couple of threads:



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This topic is 6605 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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