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Concatenate from portal

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Hi i'm trying to write a script creating a report and i need somewhere some steps to pull information from several portal rows into 1 or many fields horizontally in my report...

Let's expand: I have a layout (labreport) where i enter results from tests in a portal (from Result table)

My report is showing records mainly from an other table (testdetail) so i need to get the results related to each records and fill them in the report.

So far i've been told that i should use 1 field in my report and Concatenate, so here i am trying to do this but i'm having trouble scripting the fact that the results are coming from portalrows

What i have is something like:

Go to related record (...)

Go to portal row (first)

Set Field (results=results1)

Go to portal row (next)

Set Field (results=results2)


and the Result field on the report is a calculation field such as

Result=result1 & result2 & etc...

and it doesnt show any error but instead of filling in the true results, it puts a set of 0 frown.gif

Any suggestion on how to sort this mess would be much apreciated smile.gif


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It's much easier to do this from the related table.

Set Field [Results; ""]

Go to Related Record [show only related; "ResultRelationship"; using Layout "Results"]


Set Field [LabReportRelationship::Results; LabReportRelationship::Results & ResultField &

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It must be the cold weather and the snow we have today, but my brain is not in gear, and i really can't see how to use these steps...

I tried the ValueList solution, no more luck in there, i'm getting "?" everywhere..

This is all very confusing frown.gif

_ "Set Field [Results;""]" _ what do u set it to??

_ "Set Field [LabReportRelationship::Results ; LabReportRelationship::Results & ReultField &

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I think it must have finally defrost up there... I now understand a bit more what's going on

Although i still have 2 issues:

_it only display the last result value (how can i make it store all of them and display horizontally?)

_it only operate on 1 single record of the report

attached is the part of my script "trying" to do it all smile.gif

THANKS for your help


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Well, you said you wanted to concatenate the related results into one field, which is what the concatenation step does, although if you want to display it horizontally, change the

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Well, thank you for your explanation, it's almost there but still missing something...

Attached are my db, my relationships graph and my new version of the script.

It is written a bit simpler than you suggested but at least i know wht i'm doing smile.gif It works except the fact that it only fills in results for the active "test no" in the "Lab Report" layout

I think the tricky part in this is that in the "Lab Report" layout, it is 1 single record grouping all the "test no" but in the report >> "Test Report" layout >> it is multiple records...

Fyi, the perform find is not finalized yet but it should only find one record

and the result field on the report concatenate the 10 results fields (result1 &" , "& result2 &" , "& result3 & etc...)

On the latter part i have something that looks like a bug because when i put sample records to try, 1,2,3,4,5,6 works fine (displayed as such) but when i have 81,82,83,84,85,86 it displays 8.1828E+11 (but if i click into the field in browse mode it does shows the correct info frown.gif )

THANKS for your help, it is much appreciated smile.gif


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This topic is 6595 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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