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format of 'email.txt' in inline script


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I've been having this problem for a while now but I seem to slowly be making progress with it. I am looking to automatically send out an email after a series of html pages are filled out. I am using lasso to record the information to FM pro. That part works fine, the FM files are updated. I have even gotten the inline lasso script working, it sends out an email with the subject line I tell it to have to the email address that the person has provided during the course of filling out the forms. The problem I am having now if how the email.txt file (the body of the email) should be formatted. The email gets sent out but there is nothing in the body, despite the fact that in the script I tell it to look in email.txt for the body. Right now the email.txt file begins like this:

[inline: -search, -layout='web', -database='students', 'studentid' = (Field:'studentid'), -operator="eq", -maxrecords='1']


Hello (Field:'stfname') (Field:'stlname'),

etc etc...

Does this look right? I would really appreciate any help. Thanks!

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maybe this will help...

I've just edited the email.txt file and took out everything except some basic words: "hello paul blah blah blah." When the email was sent this was in the body. So everything seems to work until I throw in the above script. Has the formatting changed? Should I take this question somewhere else?

Thanks again!

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Hi -

I take it you have passed tokens through the pages to keep track of the data.

On the last form, you should include the mail format, host, subject, from and to.

       <input type="hidden" name="-MailFormat" value="emailbody.txt" />

       <input type="hidden" name="-MailHost" value="yoursmtphost" />

       <input type="hidden" name="-MailSub" value="Your subject here, even include from [fmp-field: 'stfname'] [fmp-field: 'stlname']" />

       <input type="hidden" name="-MailFrom" value="from address" />

       <input type="hidden" name="-MailTo" value="to address" />

Now, your text file.

Hi [fmp-field: stfname] [fmp-field: stlname]

Here you can write anything you like and include any fields from the current record.


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This topic is 6601 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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