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I work for a small company. We are currently using FMP 5 for all our records - ie client and customer databases, archives, product listings etc. Thing is, we're looking at upgrading to version 7, and at the same time building a new website capable of serving some of the information in the databases to internet users.

I was looking at the custom web publishing features of the Web Companion in FMP 5, as I'm not foreseeing vvery much traffic, but I see that this functionality has been removed from all versions of FMP 7 except server advanced.

So I need some advice. We're looking at running the database off a dedicated server. Now, what would be the best way to get to our aims? We can't really afford Server Advanced, but I don't really like the constraints of instant web publishing.

Should we try set up our own web server? Or find hosting? Or something else entirely?

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Thanks for the advice.

I've been looking at the options and speaking with my colleagues. I've tried cafePHP, and find that it works sufficiently. Thing is, that solution doesn't supply connectvity to enough users. We will be having at least four users connecting to FM just in the office, which could potentially cause problems in case of any web access, at least in my understanding of how the system works.

I do assume thought that we could use the "non Advanced" version of Server 7 with cafePHP, and then have up to 250 users connecting? In this case, however, for budgetary reasons, we would not necessarily be able to use a large number of Filemaker Pro clients. Would it actually in any way be a good idea to use IWP in place of the usual clients?

I realise I've rambled a bit here, so I'll recap the question. Should we go for Filemaker Pro 7 with cafePHP, or Filemaker Server 7, and in that case would it be worth just using IWP for client access?

On the other suggestion, how would I go about synchronising with a MySQL server? Sorry, but I'm fairly new to the subject.

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This topic is 6790 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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