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checkbox prefill

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I am creating a report layout that retrieves data from another layout in the same database.

There is Sales Tax section that I put 3 checkboxes for DC, MD, VA. I want to do "If state = "DC", check the DC box automatically." same to MD and VA.

Another feature, even one box is pre-checked, users want the flexibility of unchecking it and checking another one.

I created 3 fields, TaxDC, TaxMD, TaxVA, and specified them with each checkbox.

The Value List used for the checkboxes is "Yes", which value is simply 1.

First, I set those 3 fields as "calculation" fields. I put "If(state="DC", 1, 0)" in TaxDC; same calculation with state="MD", state="VA" to TaxMD and TaxVA.

The checkbox was checked correctly in the report. However, I was NOT able to uncheck the box and check another one. in Filed Format of each box, "Allow entry into field" is checked.

So I tried the second method. I changed these 3 fields to Number fields. Then in Options, Auto-Entry, I did the "Calculation Value" - "If(state="DC", 1,0)". Now, none of the boxes was pre-checked at all. But I could check them manually.

I am not sure where I did wrong. Please help.

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Try using

State = "dc"

for your auto-enter calculation on TaxDC, with 'do not evaluate if all referenced fields are empty' selected. Note that this is the simplified form of If( State = "dc", 1, 0 ).

The calculation will only be evaluated when the record is first created, once State has been given an intial value. It will not update existing records-- you will need to use a Replace, or Set Field loop in a script, in the field itself with the above calculation, to update existing records--nor will its value change when you change the State field. Once it is set initially, interaction is required to change its value, which is what you seem to want.

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thank you for the reply.

So for these 3 fields, taxDC, taxMD, taxVA, I should set Auto_Entry, Calculated Value - State="xx". right?

How to do the script to capture the new value if the state is changed? Also, how to set "run this script automatically when this layout is opened"?

Thank you

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This topic is 6805 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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