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Drag to duplicate field gone?


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It used to be so easy, hold down the 'alt'-key click on a field in layout view and drag.

Et Voilà, I had a new field the way I wanted it to be.

Gone in version 7? Or should I use another keyboard combination?

Copy/paste is slow and always dragging a field from the field button is really slow too when you're used to the old way of adding a new field to your layout.

Thank you for reading and eventually answering this question.

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You might check Edit > Preferences > General tab and see if it's checked to allow Drag and Drop there. I've never used it in layout mode, don't know Macs, and never allow Drag and Drop in my solutions but it might make a difference; particularly if Michael can do it - sounds like a setting-choice difference somewhere.

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Really weird,

it just doesn't work.

I'm a mac user so it is the 'alt'-key.

When I open fmp6 it works like a charm but in developer 7 it just moves the field.

But if it works for you Comment that just leaves me with a big question mark.

Wish I could show you that it really really doesn't work.

Could it have something to do with updates?

Have you installed updates Comment? Might it been something that didn't work at first but was fixed in an update. As far as I could read, the updates had mostly to do with the web usage of Filemaker so I didn't install them.

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It's a new file.

Haven't defined any privileges yet so I guess I must have full access.

I just started building my application and thought I'd worry about the privileges later.

Haven't had any other inconveniences yet, I can make layouts, write scripts, insert data, import/export...everything's fine (well I still need to get used to 7 and I do face problems but not due to something not working, rather me not knowing or understanding yet) except that alt and drag thing.

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This topic is 6684 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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