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Lock the Windows Cross

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Hello Ppl ...

does anybody knows how can I lock the window's cross...that close all the windows ....

I've seen it in o fm file but can´t do it....

Basicly... I dont wanna see the minimize, restore and clos windows on the upper right corner fo the window...(or locked them)


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You can use FileMaker 8 Advanced's Custom Menus feature to run a script whenever a user clicks on the Close Window(red "X") button by using the "File Copy" Menu and using a script Action for the "Close" menu item. With this done, the window will only close if the script has a Close Window step.

I haven't found a way to manipulate the other Window control items you mentioned with FileMaker 8 Advanced. But...

SecureFM plug-in from www.newmillennium.com can disable the window control items you mentioned. It will not remove them, but will make them unusable.

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Another method, although it might be more than you want, or not work for your situation.

Script the wondow's opening. If it's the main or initial window, use a startup script. After the script line to open/create new window, add a line that pauses the script indefinately. It'll open the window, but will lock the user out from closing it, going to another window, and many of the available menu commands. They'll still be able to move the window around, but they can't close or minimize it. You'll have to include a button to run a script that'll resume the paused script, plus any other commands (validation, etc..) that is desired. Or, in the button definition, run a script, and resume the current script (it's in the button options section).

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This topic is 5760 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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