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sub-summary not matching values


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I have a report that currently looks like this:

bob 12

bill 10

bob 8

ben 13

bill 4

I want it to look like this:

bob 20

bill 14

ben 13

When i mae the part into a sub-summary of names, no records show up at all.

Any help at all would be GREAT!!!

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Hi Kazza,

I think we're having similar problems. I've been trying to get a sub-summary to show in Table View, which I'm not sure is possible. I'm now going to re-define everything as repeating fields and use a layout in Form View, which looks like it may work.

Good Luck!

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Have you solved this?

I am facing the exact same problem, I have imported data that has many fields that have the same postal code, the record also has a store number, a date, a category, a number of transactions, and a sales amount.

What I want to do is have some one use a find to select the store number and a date range, then report them as summaries(Transactions and sales) by postal code.

I think this is very much like the Bob 20 example in the beginning of htis thread.

I cannot believe this isnt part of Filemaker? Insane, they should call filemaker pro, filemaker limited and filemaker advanced, filemaker less limited.

Here is how I would do it in c or php or whatever using sql statements:

Begin loop, select distinct * from records.postal code , where store number = something

then select * from records where postal code = returned value

then add up the totals wiht the loop and print the totals(using the var) for each distinct postal code

Now if someone could point us towards a way to do this with say a find, then some sort of script/funciton to select disting postal codes and add up the amounts that would be great.

I have included a print out of my relationships if this could help, there is only on e relationship and the other three tables are lookups for drop downs so tha tthe city names etc are consistant


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[color:red]Dears Kazza, Baldrick and Wad,

Create a Summary field as "Total of" your number field. On your layout put both the Name and the Summary field in the Sub-Summary part. Sort by name and view records in preview mode. Here you are !!

You can also remove the Body part than the report will look exactly as you want.

Baldrick and Wad, I hope your problems will also get solved by taking this clue!

Best regards

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Thanks for a reply!

I have done just this and all i get is the grand total line with no sub summary lines at all?

Could this be a bug in FM 8?

Or am I doing something wrong?

I did notice that in the changes notes for fm8v2 there was an item about a fix for summary fields.

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This topic is 5757 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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