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Summary Fields ?

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I have a database that keeps track of members in an organization.



Dues Payperiods

Each member belongs to a chapter, which in turn belongs to a Region

Each member gives dues every Payperiod

There can only be one dues amount for a member in a Payperiod

My problem is, I have a report that shows the current Payperiod at the top, lists all the members, and what their dues were for that payperiod.

When I try to place a summary field that totals the dues for that payperiod, it totals the specific members dues for all payperiods instead.

As I scroll down the list and pick a new memebr, the total at the bottom totals their dues for all payperiods.

I think this is strange since the current page I would be on is only displaying data from one payperiod.

payperiod 1

John $10

Dave $20

Bill $30

I want the total to be $60.

Instead I see the total of a particular members dues for all payperiods.

Any Help is appreciated

Thanks Dave

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If it's a printed (ie., Preview mode) report, subsummary part must be based on Member. It should be under a subsummary part based on Period (or visa versa to report per Member, then Period).

In the 1st case you would sort by Period, then Member. The Dues_SUM would be a simple Summary field, total of Dues.

If it is NOT a printed report, then it needs to be either GetSummary() with a concatenated break field of both Member & Period, and sorted by such; which is awkward (you can't specify 2 fields as the break field).

Or better would be a self-relationship on Member AND Period, and an aggregate Sum() field.

Sum ( self_Member_Period::Dues )

That would always be right, in either Browse or Preview, in any part. It would NOT depend on the found set. So the "Period" used above would need to include the Year, or whatever positively identifies a given period (it would likely be a new calculation field).

That's the Dues per Member per Period. The total for a Period could be just a Summary field, if the found set was only one Period, or it could be a similar Sum() calculation.

When you say "scroll", one wonders what kind of layout you're on, where these totals are (Footer?). You're obviously in Browse mode, so the term "report" doesn't really apply. In other words, it's confusing as to what you're asking.

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Thanks for the replies. I guess I would like to do both, have a report that prints with summary fields, and a layoout that just shows summary fields. I have attached the file so you may look at it.

You will notice that the dues input layout allows one dues and one pac amount for each employee for a given payperiod. i would like to see the total at the bottom for total dues collected in this payperiod and one for the pac collected.

Later on I will need to generate reports with this data, and I guess things are a little different for that.

There is also some weird behavior on the duesinput layout. For starters when you select the payperiod you want, the field vanishes, then click anywhere else and it appears again. And when the member list is populated with enough records to scroll off the screen, scrolling will cause the payperiod field to super-impose itself on the body in random places. I hope this isn't a bug with filemaker.


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This topic is 5966 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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