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FM Pro 2.1 Win95 to OSX Tiger?


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Hi everybody,

I work in television, and our whole tape library is stored in FMPro2.1 on an old Windows95 desktop. How can I transfer the info to a Mac OSX Tiger with FM8?


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I'm unsure of the exact sequence but you'll have to upgrade (probably to 5 or 6 first) and then convert to 8. With so many changes in the program, I believe a re-write would be easier than correcting all the broken file refererences and calculation behavior-changes. Is it a large, complex, multi-file solution?

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FMP 2.1 wasn't fully relational -- it could do lookups though.

You'll really, really want to do a clean-sheet redesign in FMP 8. Heck, I'd even recommended a clean sheet redesign if you were migrating it to FMP 3 -- it was the first really relational version and it needed a redesign from FMP 2 and earlier.

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it's a very simple b/w layout with about 20 fields containing basic info like tape no., contents etc.. Worst case scenario, what could happen if I install FM8 on my Mac and import old FMPro2.1 files?

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This topic is 5708 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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