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Who uses Filemaker for photographer image management, what do you do with it?

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We have been using Filemaker Pro (FMP) for years to manage our images. Our own system that we call "MonsterDB" currently manages images directly from memory cards, moves images though multi stage processing, then moves images to staging folder ready for FTP to website. It can also FTP them directly but that function not yet ready for production use.

MonsterDB is the structure of our workflow. Everything is button driven and workflow pauses for other applications when needed, then a click restarts processing. Photoshop actions are used for all image processing. We still use ACDSee for sorting Horizontals / Verticals as our camera is not "orientation aware" and for a short time longer we still use Flash Renamer to rename our files.

Soon our ONLY external software will be Photoshop running our large selection of Photoshop Actions.

Our Filemaker Pro Database currently contains over 113,000 images including thumbnails & proofs. Images are in various stages of rating (1-10) and detailed keywording (using a master keyword system that we invented), with over 13,000 currently being served online at www.PictureChasers.com and over 5,000 images live at www.WorldWaterfalls.com .

MonsterDB knows the status of every image, including where it's files are, what processing has been done and all necessary marketing information ready for easy web upload. We personally shoot about 40,000 images per year, mostly on the road. Without MonsterDB I cannot image how we could efficiently master the necessary digital image workflow. It took thousands of hours of both development and real-time use & abuse to get this far.

I am curious how many people are either working on similar projects and wish to share ideas, or photographers interested in using the end product.

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I only have 16000 in my db but I work to print media so organizing works well but output and production workflow are too segmented to be automated for anything other than what's planned that way.

There are many options with FMP and I think I've explored most for images.

PS - You might get more orders if your order form was legible. I am including a gif for your viewing.


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This topic is 5703 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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