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Grokit Tools launches “Grokit Palette”

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Media Contacts:

Wim Decorte

[mailto: [email protected]]

Todd Geist

[mailto: [email protected]]

For Release 0800 GMT, 05/10/2006

Grokit Tools launches “Grokit Palette”

[Los Angeles, California - Holzkirchen, Germany]

Todd Geist of geist interactive and Wim Decorte of Connecting Data are joining forces to bring a new level of productivity to FileMaker Developers the world over.

Grokit Tools – Tools to live by!

Having spent years deeply involved in the minutia of how FileMaker Pro does what it does, Todd and Wim believe that while FileMaker is the best in its class when it comes to productivity, it can be even better! We have made it our mission to remove the roadblocks that stand between idea and execution!

The first step towards realizing our goal is the release of the “Grokit Palette”, a collection of floating palettes that will significantly speed up your development process in FileMaker.

Some highlights of the tool’s functionality:

* save and restore Data Viewer sets

* visual indication if script debugger is on or off

* define default script steps that go in each new script

* with one click, add a new blank layout with no header or footer

* create a list of your favorite script steps and functions

* maintain a list of the variables you use (and insert them with a simple click)

* work with a floating color palette that stays open as long as you want it to

* copy an RGB(x,x,x) string from the color palette to use in FileMaker’s text formatting functions

* ... and much more

A 21-day trial version is available at http://grokittools.com, together with screenshots of the tool.

PC only for now… but stay tuned this is only the beginning!

Connecting Data is an IT consultancy company that specializes in developing database driven management and production solutions. The company supports Windows, Linux, and Macintosh platforms. Decorte, a winner of the FileMaker Excellence Award given by FileMaker, Inc. and a FileMaker 8 Certified Developer, is a frequent speaker at industry events and is the author and co–author of several major White Papers featured on the FileMaker corporate website.

Todd Geist has been working on his own as an independent consultant and with other companies developing FileMaker solutions. Todd has co-authored articles for FileMaker Advisor Magazine and contributed to the Migration Foundations and Methodologies Tech Brief. He has been a speaker at the previous three DevCons and recently gave a special seminar series at Macworld UK on migrating to FileMaker 7. Todd is also a FileMaker certified developer.

FileMaker® Pro 8 and FileMaker® Sever 8 Advanced are products of FileMaker, Inc. of Santa Clara, California. With more than 11 million units distributed worldwide, FileMaker Pro is used by workgroups within the Fortune 100, the top 250 school districts in the U.S. and each of the top 50 U.S. undergraduate colleges. Since shipping in August 2005, FileMaker Pro 8 has received numerous top editorial awards from leading publications, including “Product of the Year” awards from PC Magazine and Macworld. FileMaker Pro was recently selected as a 2006 Codie Award finalist in the “Best Database Management Solution” category by the Software Information Industry Association.

FileMaker, Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple Computer, Inc., of Cupertino, California [NASDAQ: AAPL]


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The VB plug-in looks really good, i think i might buy a license to play around with. In the mean time though, this is just a curiosity question, did you build the site using dnn nuke?

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Not to plug the Pug..but hey, that is what I do.

FMPug members can save 10% on the new Grokit Palette through June 9th.

Stop by your member discounts for the code.

Not yet a member? Now is the time to join. http://www.fmpug.com/join.php

What with this discount along with 40% off Omni products & 60% off the MacTech magazine subscription to name a couple of other specials we have FMPug membership is a real steal!

Oh yeah, you can also save $100 on your DevCon registration as an FMPug member.

Watch the FMPug review section too as we have 3 members reviewing the new Grokit Palette right now.

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Yep, the site is built with DotNetNuke. Love it. This way I can update it here from my little hill-side village in Germany and Todd can do the same from LA.

We'r also running a sandbox copy of DNN and the site on one of my web servers so we can try different modules out before we put them live.

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Lol, yeh, dnn rather, but i've found it really useful aswell, and so easy to update and completely redesign :P. Nice to see some real sites that use it in action.


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This topic is 5676 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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