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Still a little lost

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I am looking at developing a database for my company to manage the sales and products.

I am kind of getting the whole relationship thing, and the differences between this and Access.

After flicking through the white paper for FMP beginners, im left somewhat confused.

The database WILL be used by a least 4 people at anyone time on our local LAN using sharing, the whitepaper mentions setting parameters to allow different users, HOW THE HECK TO I DO THAT!!!!

Also what are portals?:) are they queries?

Is anyone able to be my mentor? Im finding it really hard to locate any good material for traninig on this software, this site is great, but im finding it hard to locate the help I need.

Im a little noob to be honest.

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Although FileMaker is easy to learn and use compared to other Database Applications, it still has a learning curve. Before explaining what Portal is, let fist recommend that you read the Manual, and check out the Online Help (available while FM is open) which I find easier to find things in. Reading the Manual should take you all of five minutes. Next, take a look at our Resource Topic Area, there are some excellent after market books, Training Classes, videos, etc. recommended there.

A portal is a window. In FileMaker, it is a way to view your data of related records.



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Check this out for other sources that are helpful as well as Lee's suggestion.


As a novice myself (about 7 months now) I can tell you the first 4 - 6 weeks can be rather frustrating, but, once you get by the initial learning curve, and lots of help from the great folks on this site, you'll find the investment well worth it.

Good luck.

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This topic is 5674 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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