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Adding new record in portal


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I have a table with a portal that is the garden variety Main table with sub-list type of thing. I want to create a button that will make a new record in the portal, NOT the main table. How do I do this because I tried to use a button but only adds a new record via the main table. I really need to make this part of the DB all button driven.



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well if i am understanding you correctly you want to add a new record to a portal. there are two ways of doing so, the latter one i learned today for my own application.

First method to add a new portal record is in browse mode you click on the last empty record and it will automatically create a new one

The Second method was a work around for me as with data entry in the web it cant detect my clicking. so i made a script that would set the curser to inside

Go To Portal Record[select; Last]

That seems to work for me in my application. if anyone has a better method please inform me. i am really new to Filemaker and this is my first application. As for you Vandy i hope this helps. Patrick Glass

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To add records to the blank record at the bottom of a portal you must have the 'allow creation of records' checked in the relationship window.

If you really want to do it with a button what you need to do is

1/start your script by storing the key field to a global

2/then go to a layout that uses records from the table that you wish to add the record to

3/add a new record

4/ set the key field to that of the global in step 1

5/ go back to your original layout.

There are all kinds of smoke and mirrors that you can use to make all this look smooth but that is the bare bones of it



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This topic is 5586 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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