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How to CREATE duplicates

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If the Survey Database and the Contacts Database both contain the street & postcode you could build a relationship between the two that way on the survey the people at that address could be listed and on the Contacts Database the Survey (or surveys) could be listed or results displayed.

Look at the Relationships forum for example files on how to build relationships (its the core of any solution)

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I've got a project going on where a company is contacting voters and getting responses. Unfortunately, they aren't determining who is answering the questions, just one of the voters living at a certain address. There will be other voters living at that address, but they didn't get a chance to answer the survey.

I need to import thier responses (by matching ID) and apply thier responses to every other voter at that same address.

Imagine that my contacts table looks like this:










The end result for me is that I have to export out those addresses where there are no no survey responses.

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Hmm, it looks like you're assuming the responses would be the same for all members of the household. Is this some crazy Republican scheme to improve their polling numbers?

If the answers truly should be applied to all members of the household (I suppose this would be true if the questions were about the household, and not about their preferences and beliefs), then you should probably have a Household table for those responses.

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Yes, it is some crazy scheme to inflate numbers..sort of. Actually, based on this group doing polling for us they have real problems identifying WHO is actually answering the questions. If they ask for a specific person on the phone they get something like a 2% penetration rate.

Anyway..we are stuck making bold assumptions. Whoever answers the questions, then that is how the whole household will vote. I don't like that kind of thinking, but I don't make the decisions..just deal with the problems.

So..based on Comment's response I've gotta figure out how to do the self-join and insert those responses to anyone with the same address.

This should be fun.

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This topic is 6462 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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